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We Offer

We offer spinal manipulation and modalities in a variety of techniques:

  • Manual manipulation
  • Chiropractic adjustment tool - we use this tool to deliver a low force, high speed gentle and painless adjustment
  • Drop technique
  • Manual Spinal Decompression (Flexion distraction) - very effective in treating disc problems, sciatica, post surgical patients (e.g. fusion or laminectomy), and other low back complaints, especially those of a high muscular component. A special decompression table is used to administer a very light, often painless therapy that reduces compressive pressure on discs and stretches spinal musculature
  • Pelvic blocking
  • Soft tissue manipulation including trigger point therapy and myofascial release
  • Stretching protocols - including post isometric relaxation (an innovative way to stretch muscles for a faster and longer lasting result)
  • Spinal stabilization and core strengthening programs
  • Home care in the form of prescribed home stretches, exercise, and proprioception/balance retraining

We are trained in chiropractic sports therapy, elite sports science, myofascial technique, advanced clinical neurology, rheumatology, sacro-occipital technique, extremities adjusting, clinical nutrition, and pediatrics. We have completed multiple rotations at hospitals and long term care facilities in Rochester, New York such as the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Monroe Hospital, and Mercy Clinic. These rotations involved providing military veterans, walk-ins, and inpatients with comprehensive chiropractic services as well as managing complex cases such as chronic pain, co-morbidities, polypharmacy, and post traumatic stress disorder. We have also attended athletic events to provide chiropractic care to athletes.

We look forward to treating patients of all ages, and will strive to tailor all patients’ treatments to their individual needs.

(607) 746-8999

17 Elm Street

Delhi, NY 13753


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