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What to Expect

As with all healthcare practitioners, we follow a standard routine to help us establish a diagnosis and treatment plan. For this reason, please allow at least 40 minutes on the day of your consultation and first treatment.

During your consultation, a patient history, focused physical exam, and chiropractic exam is necessary to identify contraindications to chiropractic care. When we determine that the source of pain is musculoskeletal in nature, we will begin treatment. Our treatments often involve moist hot pack therapy, muscle manipulation, and an adjustment. All future treatments should take about 20 minutes.

Our goal is to get you well as quickly as possible. We will release you after you have reached your maximum therapeutic benefit (MTB). The amount of treatments needed is different for every patient. Nevertheless, we recommend and many patients prefer to include a monthly chiropractic treatment as part of a wellness and prevention program.

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